"Using CKAN and Open Source [for data.gov.uk] was the best decision we ever made. A big thumbs up to the Open Knowledge Foundation and CKAN."— Andrew Stott, UK Government Director of Transparency and Digital Engagement

Making data open involves practical as well as policy steps - data actually needs to be made available online in ways that ensure it is easily findable and usable. That’s why we created CKAN, the powerful open source open data platform that makes it easy for governments, companies and other organisations to make their data open, online, and accessible.

Numerous organisations and developers now use and contribute to CKAN, making it a better product and a sustainable technology ecosystem. CKAN has pioneered standards and best practices around data publication, and encouraged public bodies to work together to create a truly joined up global ecosystem of open data that anyone can use without restriction.

CKAN remains the world’s best open source data portal technology 4 years after its initial use, and Open Knowledge International is proud that the national governments of the Austria, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay all use CKAN to power their open data portals. It also powers international portals such as the EU Open Data Portal and the IATI Registry.

CKAN is used by the most open governments in the world. For example, half of the founding members of the Open Government Partnership use CKAN, as do four of the top five countries in the Open Data Index, and three of the top five countries in the Open Data Barometer.