The Open Knowledge Network has a formal presence in over 46 countries (and this list is growing - check out the map for the latest information!) of people passionate about openness, all actively promoting open ideas, advocating for open data release, training and investigating with data, and building new technologies and handbooks.

Our specialist working groups provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to gather to hack, discuss, lobby, promote and explore particular areas of openness. Many of our Working Groups include world leaders in their field and they create principles, best practices and materials for open data in their areas. For example, the Open Economics Principles for economics research have been endorsed by many leading economists and even organisations around the world and are shaping scholarly practice in economics. The Open Science working group has created the Open Research Data Handbook setting the standard for best practice in open data for researchers.

It’s difficult to select examples to showcase the successes and impact from the network because so much is happening, and successes large and small; the number of events run is incredible: spreading awareness of open concepts, training people in data skills, and developing new open source software.

The latest stories of success can be found on the Open Knowledge Network Tumblr.

Here are a few recent highlights:

We are pleased that the French Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti has recently announced a collaboration with Open Knowledge France to map the public domain in France.

The Open Science working group (in collaboration with IDRC and Open-UTC) organised two Open Science for Development workshops, one in Cape Town and one in London. Following from these successful workshops, the working group has been working tirelessly to produce an Open Science for Development Research Framework.

The DataTank is open source software which you can use to transform a dataset into an HTTP API. In 2013 the 4.0 version launched - enabling startups and data publishers to benefit from easier data handling. The project was started in 2008 by one of the founders of Open Knowledge Belgium. Today it remains mainly developed by Open Knowledge Belgium, but welcomes new contributors from all over the world.

Open Product Data is one of the newest Open Knowledge Network working groups with the goal of both developing the largest open product database in the world and advocating for increased access to product data. Open product data has the potential to empower consumers, increase efficiency and drive economic growth but at the moment product data, such as a product’s barcode, is public but not open. Since joining the Open Knowledge Network only a month ago, the project team and the Open Knowledge Labs community have already developed an Android application for Open Product Data and heard stories of others using the database to further their initiatives.

Thanks to our Irish local group, Fingal County Council has became the 1st local authority in Ireland in Open Spending.