Open Knowledge Labs is a community of skilled data wranglers, software developers and others with an interest in innovation around open data and open content. Open source and open data projects are welcome to be homed at the Labs where they can connect with potential collaborators, get advice, and potentially get hosting and other support.

We are intrigued and excited by the possibilities of combining technology and information for good – making government more accountable, culture more accessible and science more efficient. We focus on making things — whether that’s apps, insights or tools.

Open Product Data — rapidly innovating in the Labs

Open Product Data is one of the newest projects of the Open Knowledge Network with the goal of both developing the largest open product database in the world and advocating for increased access to product data. Open product data has the potential to empower consumers, increase efficiency and drive economic growth but at the moment product data, such as a product’s barcode, is public but not open. Within a month of joining the Open Knowledge Network, the community together with Labs experts developed a new Android application for Open Product Data.