“The UK Open Government Data Camp is one of the most exciting events I have seen in years. The energy and interaction was great.” — Joey Hutcherson, Deputy Director of Open Government, U.S. Department of Commerce
“Events like the Open Government Data Camp are critical for sharing hard-won experience” — Nat Torkington, Open Source Advocate and New Zealand Government Advisor
“What is Open Government Data Camp about? It’s about helping build a 21st century citizenry, here in the UK and around the world.” — David Eaves, Open Data Advocate and Advisor to the Mayor of Toronto

The Open Government Data Camp was a series of events that helped to galvanise a previously loose-knit group of people and organisations into a well coordinated global movement pushing for open data from governments around the world.

A major event in London in 2010 convened over 300 leading civic hackers, activists, civil servants and policy experts from 30 countries for two days of talks and workshops. A follow up event in Warsaw in 2011 brought together over 400 participants from 40 countries. These participants have subsequently been at the heart of a global community that has stimulated irreversible momentum for open data. Open Government Data Camp helped to secure buy in and concrete commitments from numerous governments, giving them — as well as their civil society counterparts — the opportunity to present their progress and share their experiences with peers. Since these two events, open data has become part of the DNA of major international initiatives at the World Bank and the Open Government Partnership, and numerous organisations that previously had a national focus have started international programmes.