The Founder and President of Open Knowledge International (formerly Open Knowledge Foundation), Rufus Pollock’s, 2007 call to ‘Give Us the Data Raw, and Give it to Us Now’ was adopted and popularised by web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee in a 2009 TED talk. This became the key rallying call of the open data movement around the world, widely covered and alluded to in the mainstream press (including BBC, Guardian, and Wired).

Open Knowledge International's Open Definition provided the founding definitions of the very meaning of open data. It has become the main international legal standard for open data, providing principles and guidance for all things “open” and has provided the key principles and definitions that led to changes such as the transition in terminology from “public sector information” to “open government data”.

Open Knowledge International's Open Data Handbook is the definitive guide for all things open. You can download it in 18 languages including Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.