Over the past decade, the Open Knowledge Foundation— now Open Knowledge International — has been the leading organisation to pioneer open government data around the world. We have created global momentum through our events and activities including the first ever convening of interested parties at the 2010 Open Government Data Camp. Our communities, including the Working Group on Open Government Data and the technologists and users of our open source software to support government data release (CKAN and OpenSpending), have connected individuals across countries, governments and civil society organisations to explore, experiment and succeed with government data release and reuse.

We have also provided formal and informal guidance in this area to numerous governments around the world. Open Knowledge International Founder Rufus Pollock has conducted policy research in this area in his capacity as an economist at the University of Cambridge, and sits on the UK Government’s Transparency Board and the Canadian government’s Advisory Panel on Open Government. Many other members of the global Open Knowledge network have made direct technical and legal contributions to a large number of projects and initiatives in dozens of countries around the world, with specific impact on the shaping of essential policies at the World Bank, plus governments including US, UK, France, Finland, and Brazil.

Our ongoing country-level advocacy work helped the G8 countries to formally commit to open data in 2013 through the Open Data Charter, setting a standard for global open government.

Our policy engagement activity helped the UK government to commit to creating a public register of who controls companies in autumn 2013.