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Gambia has been active in the Open Knowledge Network since 2022.

Core Team

Poncelet O. Ileleji is a Computer Scientist by Profession with over 25 years in the field; he has been involved with the use of ICT as a tool for sustainable development both as the Lead / CEO of Jokkolabs Banjul, in The Gambia and on the board of the Jokkolabs global network. He has also served as consultant for several projects in Africa covering ICT for D, Learning / Digital Technologies and Education, Internet Governance and Health Informatics. He also ran the YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio from inception in 1996. He served also as an International Coordinator for the International YMCA of New York, International Camp Counselor Program. He has served as the country coordinator for the World Links project in the Gambia during the program life cycle in The Gambia from 2001 to 2005, The program was funded and initiated by the World Bank and it adopted a constructivist approach to teaching with ICT that emphasized a shift away from teacher centered lecture-based instruction towards student-centered, project-based learning during the program life cycle from 2001 to 2005 in the Gambia.

He is an active member of the Association for Progressive Communication He is a founding member of the Information Technology Association of the Gambia and was elected second president of the Association in March 2010 is term ended in April 2014. He is also the national resource person for the West African Internet Governance Forum, the Gambian Chapter and former board member of Africa ICT alliance. He is also a member of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), not for profit operational constituency NPOC where he served as Policy Chair representing NPOC on the Policy Committee of the Non Commercial Stakeholders Group (NCSG) of ICANN. He also volunteers on various ICANN working groups and also served on the Standing Selection Committee of ICANN Generic Name Supporting Organization (GNSO). He also served on the Working Group for WG 3 – Privacy and Transparency Online for Freedom Online Coalition and also represents is organization in the International Open Data Charter as a Steward on the implementation committee. He also leads is organization partnership with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and was a Board member of the San Francisco, USA based Technology not for profit Net Freedom Pioneers (2018 to 2021). He serves as the lead of his organization on the pan African network of hubs in Africa and active within the global entrepreneurship network He also served as a consultant for the UNDP Crisis Bureau and World Bank, International Trade Centre on ICT related Projects recently. Am a visiting lecturer at the Business University in Dakar, Senegal He his serving currently as the Director of the Innovation POD, University of Juba, South Sudan. A UNDP Africa bureau initiative to spur innovation among faculty, students, and communities in certain African public universities.

Anna Anet Sambou

Anna Anet Sambou

Admin and Finance

Anna Anet Sambou is a Co-partner and Director of Admin Finance at Jokkolabs Banjul, an innovative hub inspired by a combination of concepts with an enabling environment to build tomorrow’s solutions through research and learning.

She is also the founder of SHOAW Gambia, an initiative that realizes the challenges women and girls face online in The Gambia and seeks to address those challenges with the aim of making girls SAFE online.

Anna Anet from a very young age has been very passionate about the development of young people and all her work over the past 15 years in the ICT field has centered on capacity building, empowering young people especially girls to acquire a skill and know their rights. She is an alumnus of Common Purpose, Africa Ventures and also a One Young World Ambassador.

Therese Keita

Therese Keita

Project Manager

Therese Keita is the project manager for all projects Jokkolabs Banjul. She also leads all kids initiatives regarding ICT and education. Therese has a background in computer science and has a high passion for sustainability, programming and working with women and children.

As an AFRINIC fellow, the lead for the Google Developers Group, GDG Banjul, a Women Techmakers Ambassador, and Co-Founder of CUBE4stem; a non profit that promotes STEM education and a circular economy. Therese is at the forefront of the digital inclusion movement. She is also the Country Coordinator for the International Education Resources Network, a member of the Internet Society, the Information Technology Association of the Gambia, all of which allow her to advocate for digital inclusion and empower underrepresented groups.

Therese also volunteers her time at Django Girls Banjul and is a member of Hackathon Girls Banjul, further demonstrating her commitment to bridging the digital divide and promoting technology as a tool for positive change.

Madeline Ileleji

Madeline Ileleji

Business Development Manager

Driving community impact through shared learning and networking are things that drew me to the innovation space. Madeline has a degree in Physics, after which her passion for working with people using tech was her drive in joining Jokkolabs Banjul as the Business Development Manager. Where she uses ICT as a catalyst for development and Education. Here she centers her work around Start-Ups/ Entrepreneurs to run the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Awareness Program for female Start-Ups. She has also trained over two hundred women in Digital Security, Digital Skills and Advocacy working with women in rural Gambia. As well as working with kids using Design Thinking, Coding, Creative Reading and Writing to boost creativity in children and introduce innovative approaches towards teaching and learning. She is a data enthusiasts partnering with stakeholders to ensure there is meaningful access in education with the focus on Coding and Digital Literacy. She volunteers for the Gambia National Internet Governance Forum, and the Information Technology Association of The Gambia and in November 2022 she took part in the 17th Annual Internet Governance Forum held in Ethiopia as a UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) Volunteer under the Rapporteur Group. She was also a fellow for the ZOVU Digital Storytelling 2022.

She is also a Climate Change and SDG advocate using data and Storytelling and research to shed on the impacts of Climate Change in the Gambia.

Miniratou Jobe

Miniratou Jobe

Hub Manager

Miniratou Jobe is 23 yrs old and she has a skill set of Bookkeeping and strategic marketing targeting the right audience. Computer Literacy (MS Office-Word, Excel and PowerPoint) File Management, Event planning and Management, Research Learning new technologies. She served as the Accounts Clerk handling Cash Payments and doing Bank Transactions of the hub. She gained her WAEC Certificate for junior School from 2011 to 2014, WASSSE Certificate for senior School from 2014 to 2017 and Certificate in banking and finance SBEC College 2018-2019.

Miniratou Jobe is the Hub manager of Jokkolabs Banjul, she is responsible for the smooth and effective running of the hub and its business-related activities. She is also responsible for the management of Space (Space booking, Space setup etc.). She ensures a smooth and effective process, she has strong communication skills (verbally and written), Event coordination and Strong customer service skills. She enjoys creative problem solving and getting exposure on multiple projects, and would like to excel in the collaborative environment. She has vast experience working with non-profits and also working with kids.

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