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Our tools empower institutions to share data, execute open projects, and strengthen knowledge and transparency in democratic societies.
Working together at the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin, July 2014. Photo: Gregor Fischer

At Open Knowledge, we are committed to applying open knowledge as a guiding principle to design the infrastructures and organisations of the future, inspiring and leading those who want to transform our digital and physical world by building a free, sustainable, and inclusive future. 

That is why we are constantly developing an innovative pipeline of tools and related services to enable, promote and teach collaborative, open, and reproducible research making crucial data used and useful for the public interest.

Take a look at our governance models, tools, and standards that are accessible and adaptable to all, and join a movement that believes in the transformative power of openness.

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Evgeny Karev presents the new Frictionless Application at csv,conf,v7
Evgeny Karev presents the new Frictionless Application at csv,conf,v7
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