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Meet, campaign, learn, innovate, share, train, create, support, explore: some of the ways you can help open knowledge for everyone as part of the global Open Knowledge network.

Open Knowledge in your area

We host a network of local groups in many countries and cities, actively campaigning for open information, collaborating to train, learn, build technology and work with data, and helping others find out about open knowledge.

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Learning and collaborating together

We want to empower everyone with the skills they need to use data effectively, and we can support you in learning by doing, or in mentoring others.

Data Expeditions are an opportunity for teams to explore data, discover hidden stories and insights, and share results.  We love working with data which has the potential to help create positive change in the world.

There are opportunities to learn and teach at

Campaigning for openness

Key information which can help solve global challenges, ensure democratic and corporate accountability, enable rich and accessible research, science and culture, and enlighten citizens and consumers must be open. We campaign for open access for everyone to such vital information and you can help make a difference.

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Events, meetups, conferences, and festivals

There are Open Knowledge meetups, hackathons, data expeditions and other events happening all around the world.

OKFestival is the world’s biggest open knowledge and open data event, action-packed and welcoming to all, and a great place to meet others passionate about openness.

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Open in different topics

The Open Knowledge network includes groups exploring openness in many different fields and topics. These working groups pioneer openness in new areas, create policies, best practice guidelines and training materials, campaign for open data release, build tools to help people share and work with data, and more. We also host the Open Knowledge Labs, a collaborative community creating and improving innovative technologies — open data, open content and open code.

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Making open happen

If you’re ready to get more involved with Open Knowledge, you can start setting up or leading a local group, or even a Chapter of Open Knowledge in your country.  Local groups can be as informal as a couple friends meeting for coffee. Chapters are independent non-profit social enterprises and work in all kinds of ways: campaigning, building technology, working on collaborative research projects, offering open data consultancy, running competitions and events, and more.

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