We organise events all around the world. Find them here, join them and make your own!

An essential element of Open Knowledge's work is the coordination of open knowledge-focused meetups, hackathons, conferences, festivals and workshops, both online and offline, connecting open knowledge enthusiasts of all backgrounds and interests. These events provide essential opportunities for those in our community to meet each other in person and online to share new projects and ideas. We also like to share our work by attending and speaking at conferences and workshops organised by other groups or during events run by other organisations.

Are you interested in teaming up and being a partner or sponsor of one of our upcoming events? Get in touch with our Events Team!

OKFestival – the open knowledge event of the year

OKFestival is our major international event for the whole community, with an informal, relaxed and celebratory feel. Organised by Open Knowledge central, it is a place for debate and networking where all elements of open knowledge are welcome. Offering a crowd-sourced multi-layered programme, it also includes lots of fringe events, hackathons — and parties! The last OKFestival was in Berlin on July 15-17, 2014 – stay tuned for details on the next one!

The original OKFestival: Helsinki 2012. Upcoming: OKFestival 2014 – Berlin!


OKCon – the Open Knowledge Conference

A conference-style event, OKCon is primarily organised by an Open Knowledge local group (primarily chapters) in collaboration with Open Knowledge Foundation Central. It is generally more formal than OKFestival, with a centrally-planned 2-3 day conference format rather than a big multi-stream festival, and can have a specific focus (such as a topic or local emphasis).

OKCon past editions: WSFII 2005 (OKCon 2005), OKCon 2007, OKCon 2008, OKCon 2009, OKCon 2010, OKCon 2011 – Berlin, OKCon 2013 – Geneva.


More Open Knowledge events in a timezone near you!

We’re currently working on developing new formats for Open Knowledge events happening in different countries and with variable frequency. News and updates coming soon!