Past Events

A selection of some of the events we've run in the past and are most proud of.

This is just a selection of the foundation's activities — in addition to this, also our local and working groups brilliantly and independently run a remarkable number of happenings. Find more about them on the community Tumblr.

OKFestival – the open knowledge event of the year

OKFestival is our major international event for the whole community, with an informal, relaxed and celebratory feel. Organised by Open Knowledge central, it is a place for debate and networking where all elements of open knowledge are welcome. Offering a crowd-sourced multi-layered programme, it also includes lots of fringe events, hackathons — and parties! The next OKFestival will be in Berlin on July 15-17, 2014 – join us!

The original OKFestival: Helsinki 2012. Upcoming: OKFestival 2014 – Berlin!

OKCon – the Open Knowledge Conference

A conference-style event, OKCon is primarily organised by an Open Knowledge local group (primarily ) in collaboration with Open Knowledge Foundation Central. It is generally more formal than OKFestival, with a centrally-planned 2-3 day conference format rather than a big multi-stream festival, and can have a specific focus (such as a topic or local emphasis).

OKCon past editions: WSFII 2005 (OKCon 2005), OKCon 2007, OKCon 2008, OKCon 2009, OKCon 2010, OKCon 2011 – Berlin, OKCon 2013 – Geneva.


OGDcamp — the Open Government Data Camp

In 2010 and 2011 we ran OGDCamp, an event bringing together civil servants, developers, NGOs and others for two days of talks, workshops and project sprints around open government data. The camp had four key objectives: build consensus, around core open data principles and values; build community, expanding and strengthening the international open data community; share ideas, on the future of open data and how we can do things better; make things, from starting projects, to making plans and writing code. In 2012 OGDcamp merged together with other topics and turned into what is OKFestival today.

OGDcamp editions: 2010 – London, 2011 – Warsaw.


Data Expeditions

Data Expeditions are quests to map uncharted territory, discover hidden stories and solve unsolved mysteries in the Land of Data. In a team you’ll tackle a problem, answer a question or work on a project. We help you to get started and it’s up to you to decide where you go. Selected expeditions:

Workshops and Forums

We've run workshop of all kinds, both as stand-alone events and as sessions under the umbrella of bigger happenings.

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Selected workshops:

And some of the first events we ran were Forums: since 2005! Selected ones:

Events co-organised with other organisations

We also happily co-organise events with other organisations. Some of them:


Online events

We host (and also invite you to organise) online events that anyone with access to a web browser can participate in. These events bring the online and offline together by combining in-person regional hackathons with online participation through IRC and other mediums. Events of this kind include:

If you'd like to keep up to date with online meetings, or to suggest something new you'd like to discuss, please join our discussion list or say hi to