Core team

Andres Kütt

Andres started out as a software developer back when XT was a thing and the stars were young. Since then, he has built web sites, banks, taxation systems and peer to peer telephony networks. Alongside all this, Andres has acquired a BSc on mathematical statistics, an MBA and a MSc from the MIT SDM program. For the past fifteen years, his main focus has been on software architecture, a passion that brought him to MIT.

Andres is our state information systems expert in of our advisory board as he is working on figuring out ways to architect the information systems of Estonian government, a leading digital nation.


Antti "Jogi" Poikola

Antti is an advocate and experimenter of openness in society. He is researcher at Aalto University Helsinki, founding member and former chairman of the Open Knowledge Finland association. Jogi has expertise is in developing solutions for the open collaboration between citizens, companies and the public sector organisations. His current research focuses on how to utilize personal data for the benefit of individuals and he is the main author for the guidebook, My Data – human centric way to organize personal data recently published by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Jogi represents OK Finnish chapter in our advisory board and is here to build strong Estonia-Finland connection inside Open Knowledge network and on other levels


Hille Hinsberg

Hille is independent expert/consultant currently working at Estonian Government Office, advising a policy for Social Innovation, involved in policy-making think tank Praxis, in Independent Review Mechanism for Open Government Partnership and open data/governance initiatives from open budget to policy crowdsourcing (see,,

In 2014, the President of Estonia gave her the national award for strengthening civil society in Estonia and Hille is keeping an eye on lobbying and policy-making for us.


Maarja-Leena Saar

Maarja-Leena is a part of emerging civic tech scenery of Estonia. Currently, She is managing public petitioning portal for sending collective addresses to Estonian Parliament. Maarja-Leena is working closely with other e-democracy agents of Estonia and stands for getting these achievements to e-estonia success story.


Märt Põder

Märt has has background in philosophy, informatics and education and for more than two decades he has been an activist in areas somehow connected to openness and information society, from open source to open governance and everything in between (being involved in,,,,, etc).

Describing himself as philosophe engagé in the existentialist spirit he is involved in several grassroots movements and is bringing some street credibility to our board.


Tanel Mällo

With over 15 years experience in basic and applied behavioural research, development and management practice, I currently explore how to put personal data to best personal and public use @University of Tallinn, @Open Knowledge Estonia, @STATS Unities.

Tanel is currently working head of Tallinn University Research Administration Office and is our link to academia.