Core team

Maarja-Leena Saar

Maarja-Leena is a part of emerging civic tech scenery of Estonia. Currently, She is managing national open data portal and public petitioning portal for sending collective addresses to Estonian Parliament. Maarja-Leena is working closely with other e-democracy agents of Estonia and stands for getting these achievements to e-Estonia success story.


Marko Valk

Marko Vaik is entrepreneur and data enthusiast who believes that people control their data and it should be freely moving across private and public sector. Marko is founder of DataMe OÜ data sharing platform which is the first company in Estonia who has formally proven, that under GDPR provisions, it is possible to represent people in order to obtain related data from banks, public sector and other financial services companies databases. It may sound simple, but in actual practice banks are doing their utmost to make the procedure as uncomfortable and as slow as possible. To prove this, Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate and Ministry of Justice has analysed and approved DataMe’s business model.


Märt Põder

Märt has has background in philosophy, informatics and education and for more than two decades he has been an activist in areas somehow connected to openness and information society, from open source to open governance and everything in between (being involved in,,,,, etc).

Describing himself as philosophe engagé in the existentialist spirit he is involved in several grassroots movements and is bringing some street credibility to our board.


Peep Küngas

Peep is a seasoned data scientist and transparency evangelist with background in semantic interoperability, algorithmics and artificial intelligence. Peep is responsible at Open Knowledge Estonia for open government data, fiscal transparency and general open data infrastructure. He is strongly pro corporate and governmental transparency via open data and knowledge dissemination.


Tanel Mällo

As a member of Council, Tanel strives towards putting personal data to fair use via data ecosystems research and community awareness raising at Open Knowledge Estonia, atop of 15+ years experience in basic and applied behavioural R&D. Co-author of the MyData Declaration.