Core team

Bastien Douglas

Executive Committee Member

Bastien’s role with Open Data Hong Kong / Open Knowledge Hong Kong is to create a structure for the community to develop sustainability, form partnerships with other organisations and operationalize projects to achieve the goals of the organisation. Bastien’s background combines public sector experience, research analysis and citizen engagement. For over 4 years as a public servant in the federal government of Canada in Ottawa, he analysed policy at the front lines of policy development and researched public management issues at the centre of the bureaucracy. In 2009, a community of innovative public servants formed by Bastien to work across silos using collaborative tools and social media pushed projects for to forward Open Data to raise capacity to share knowledge and better support the public. Bastien then worked in the NGO sector building knowledge capacity for the immigrant-serving sector, while supporting advocacy for improved services, information-sharing, access to resources and sharing of practices for service delivery.


Scott Edmunds

Executive Committee Member for Open Science

With a research background and PhD in Molecular Pathology, as well experience in Open Access publishing, Scott works on reproducible research and scientific data publishing projects as the Executive Editor for GigaScience. Being involved in open science and crowdsourcing projects, and seeing first hand the benefits of releasing scientific data quicker, he is keen to promote, aid and share his expertise in this area. On the Executive Committee of ODHK, he runs the Open Science Working Group of Open Data Hong Kong, and is the Open Knowledge Open Science contact/ambassador for Hong Kong.




More information

Open Data Hong Kong / Open Knowledge Hong Kong is an open, participative, and volunteer-run group of Hong Kong citizens who support Open Data. But for Open Data to benefit the society at large, it also needs support from:

  • Data providers, like governments, companies, and academia

  • Data users, like citizens, businesses, and civil society

  • Data mediators, who make sense out of open data, like journalists, entrepreneurs, and designers

Open Data Hong Kong / Open Knowledge Hong Kong plays a key role here, as it advocates for better and more complete data from government and other providers, it helps data mediators to become more data literate, and it promotes the use and value of open data amongst civil society and other users.

To further those goals we offer:

Hub for civic engagement

Informing, educating and engaging stakeholders by exploring innovations, debating issues and sharing understanding. Applying global applications of open data at a local level, and staying up-to-date with trends, developments and innovations among users and data providers. Working openly to review issues affecting modernising public services and access to information like privacy and security.

Platform for projects

The purpose of Open Data is to empower the end-user (e.g. newspaper readers, recipient of government services, and healthcare user). As such, ODHK supports the development of prototypes (e.g. news formats, apps, rankings) which serve that audience. ODHK provides the technical infrastructure and organises events where volunteers with complementary skills (e.g. developers, designers, healthcare professionals) can work together to build those prototypes.

Expertise on offer

As the benefits of Open Data are popularised and reach more mainstream appreciation, ODHK expects that more NGOs, universities and businesses will leverage open data in their strategies. ODHK can provide its expertise and help those entities realise the potential of open data. How to handle privacy concerns, which formats to choose, and how to engage a community while still monetising a service are all issues ODHK can assist with.

To spread open data

A lot of Hong Kong’s open data is hosted by the government on their portal. But if Hong Kong is going to have a flourishing ecosystem of open data providers, mediators and users, it will need to have a public portal which offers to host data for free. ODHK wants to support such a platform and encourage data providers to publish their data there for greatest discoverability.

Open Data brings together people from all walks of life. If you are interested in the applications of Open Data then please reach out or join us. We are a group of volunteers and anyone is welcome to join the discussion, and take part in our activities.