Core team

Prakash Neupane


Prakash Neupane is the ambassador of Open Knowledge Nepal. He is a young Entrepreneur and Open Knowledge Enthusiast, working actively for the betterment of openness, open community and technology. He have been engaging with consulting people and organization to use the technology in more social and economic development. With the passion and skill of planning, coordinating and organizing, He had devoted his time and energy to explore the possibility of adaptation the technology in tourism and education.




Firoj Ghimire

Open Education Team Lead

Firoj Ghimire, the open education team lead is an enthusiastic promoter of open knowledge in Nepal and has worked extensively in open data projects. He is an outspoken advocate for openness and aims to revolutionize the society through its practice. He is currently pursuing undergraduate degree in computer science and information technology.


Kshitiz Khanal

Open Science Team Lead

Kshitiz Khanal is the team leader of Open Science and Open Access at Open Knowledge Nepal. He is currently involved in research of “Energy Planning for Sustainability” at Kathmandu University and is trained in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Planning. Main interests involve Open Science, Open Access, Open Government Data, Open Design, and Open Knowledge in general. He has been involved in research, training, consulting, and advocacy in open data, energy access, and sustainability as a professional.


Nikesh Balami

OGD Team Lead

Nikesh Balami is an community coordinator and working group team leader of Open Government Data (OGD) and Open Development for Open Knowledge Nepal. He is engaged with an community since the very beginning of its establishment and had a strong believes in the philosophy of openness to create Transparent and Accountable society. He had completed diploma in computer engineering and now pursuing his bachelor degree in computer engineering.


Sagar Ghimire


Sagar Ghimire plays the role of developer at Open Knowledge Nepal. He is an IT professional and an open source enthusiast with an extensive experience in web development. He believes in building a new and better IT environment based on virtualization. He is also a strong supporter of open data and an emerging entrepreneur. He had completed diploma and now pursuing his bachelor degree in computer engineering.


Shubham Ghimire

Citizen Science Team Lead

Shubham Ghimire is an undergraduate computer science student, programmer & researcher. He is a hardcore Open Source lover, Open Data enthusiast and Open Knowledge Activist. Currently, he is the Citizen Science working group lead for Nepal. He is working with different Open Communities of Nepal to bring some technology revolution in Nepal.