Core team

Florin Hasler


Born and raised in Liechtenstein, Florin has been supporting government agencies, NGOs, parties and startups in making their message heard in the political and public sphere. Prior to taking over as Director, he led our Prototype Fund. In his spare time, he co-organizes Züri schenkt, a donation campaign for refugees and Kino im Kocher, a free open air cinema in Bern.




Hannes Gassert

Vice President

Hannes Gassert is an entrepreneur, activist, developer, author and curator at the intersection of media, technology and culture. As a co-founder of, the Open Knowledge Swiss Chapter, and of the web technology agency Liip, the Swiss CKAN partner, he has continuously been at the forefront of the Swiss Open Knowledge movement for over ten years. After a short stint in media arts with etoy, Hannes is now building the social dating game Skim in Zürich, curating at Lift Conference in Geneva and continues to build communities and put transparency, innovation and participation on the political agenda in Switzerland. Hannes represents the Open Knowledge Swiss Chapter on the Advisory Council.


Oleg Lavrovsky

Member of the Board

Oleg Lavrovsky is a software engineer specialized in information management, and an activist dedicated to sharing knowledge for a better world through the art and science of data, a healthy dose of common sense, and community. One of the initiators of the Swiss open data movement, he is active in the Open Knowledge network, runs events around the country, blogs sporadically, contributes open source regularly, and remains highly allergic to prejudice while dedicated to the goals of openness on- and off-line. He's a Russian-Canadian expat & a family guy.




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