In order to tackle major global challenges like climate change and poverty, we need information to monitor the effectiveness of different initiatives and policies and to track progress against targets. The potential of openness to drive positive change is especially significant in the developing world.

Our impact in this area:

Below you can learn more about our work to demonstrate the potential of open data and open knowledge in facing our global challenges. Click through to learn more, connect and get involved.

Working Groups

Open Climate Science

A central point of reference and support for people who are interested in open climate data and software.

Open Development

Central point of reference and support for people who are interested in open knowledge in development.


Apps for Europe

Apps for Europe is a support network that provides tools to transform ideas for data based apps into viable businesses. We bring a powerful European network of individuals and organisations who have been involved in open data programmes and in supporting promising ideas to help ideas to scale.


CKAN is a fully-featured, mature, open source data management solution. CKAN provides a streamlined way to make your data discoverable and presentable. Each dataset is given its own page with a rich collection of metadata, making it a valuable and easily searchable resource.

Open Data for Tax Justice

A global network of people and organisations using open data to improve advocacy, journalism and public policy around tax justice

Open Development Toolkit

Developed in cooperation with Development Initiatives, the Open Development Toolkit is a centralised hub around open development, bringing together tools and training materials with the aim of increasing data literacy on international development data.


OpenSpending is a centralized platform on the topic of public financial information, including an global database of budgets and spending data, a community of contributors and users exposing cases, and a set of open resources and tools providing technical, fiscal, and political understanding necessary to work with financial data.

School of Data

School of Data works to empower civil society organisations, journalists and citizens with the skills they need to use data effectively in their efforts to create more equitable and effective societies.