We are the open experts, with ten years experience in technology, training, policy, research, and pioneering openness in new areas.

Open data services

We help government, research institutions, civil society and companies be more effective through quality open source tools and technology, delivering world standard data management that is open, adaptable and networked. Our software makes this data accessible and understandable — with visualization and engagement tools.

We offer professional services and technical expertise to clients all over the world, and can work with you to establish your needs around open data, develop policies and best practices, and build capacity in your organisation. Learn more »

Open expertise

Open Knowledge has been working in the open data space since 2004. We are world experts around open data, open content, principles, standards and practice in open. 

We offer research, advice and analysis services, and we love to explore new areas of open in depth, including developing principles and standards. Learn more »

Data for impact

Our team is experienced in working with NGOs and charities to get the most out of their data. Whether you are looking to use technology to remove the pain points from a workflow, use a data tool to increase your impact in advocacy work or present the results of your findings in an engaging way, we can talk through and develop affordable solutions for your project.

We know that technology can be intimidating and sometimes it’s hard to know what you need or where to start with a specification, and we can help you simply get started working out what you need. Learn more »


At Open Knowledge, we have a range of training programs for governments, civil society organisations and others to enable you and your team gain the awareness and skills they need to understand, publish, and benefit from open data.

Our training programs are designed and delivered by our team of open data experts with many years of experience creating, maintaining and supporting open data projects around the world. Learn more »


Our best work is always done in collaboration with others. If you’re building a consortium or coalition for a new grant-funded project or activity, we’d be delighted to hear from you. We’re happy to discuss at the early ideas stage or to join in later on as a project takes shape, and can offer great open data expertise in a wide range of domains, as well as extensive experience with dissemination and community building around an open theme. Learn more »

Stewardship: a home for your project

Open Knowledge supports a network in which projects with similar goals can thrive — open projects around any kind of open data and content, including software, datasets and databases, visualisation tools, standards, communities and others, are welcome. We offer projects a place they can call home, providing them with infrastructure, expertise and community to ensure great projects about open knowledge are able to thrive. Learn more »