Catherine Stihler

Chief Executive Officer

Catherine is the chief executive officer of Open Knowledge Foundation. She represented Scotland in the European Parliament between 1999 and 2019. As Vice-Chair of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, Catherine worked on digital policy, prioritising the digital single market, digital skills, better accessibility of digital products for the disabled, as well as citizen online data protection and privacy. She wrote a number of influential reports and opinions; calling for libraries to be included in copyright exceptions available to formal educational institutions and introducing exceptions to protect access to works allowing for private study and research. Over the years, Catherine has been recognised as an ambassador for accessibility, consumer and citizen rights.

She holds a MA (Hons) in Geography and International Relations (1996), a MLitt in International Security Studies (1998) from the University of St Andrews, and a Master of Business Administration from the Open University. In 2018 she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of St Andrews. Out of her direct role as an MEP, Catherine Stihler was elected unopposed to serve as the 52nd Rector of the University of St Andrews (2014-2017). Catherine lives with her husband David and sons, Alex and Andrew, in Dunfermline, Fife.





Project Delivery

Jo Barratt

Delivery Manager

Jo Barratt is a delivery manager and product team Lead at Open Knowledge Foundation. He has over 10 years experience running projects across a wide range of technology, arts and communications projects. Previously a journalist, Jo has written for and produced audio for international publishing and broadcast organisations and is the producer of a number of successful podcasts.


London, UK


AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order


A Jammy Dodger



Stephen Abbott Pugh

Content Development Manager

Stephen is the content development manager for Open Knowledge Foundation, delivering materials and content production processes to aid organisational strategy as well as supporting proposal and policy development. He previously worked as a portfolio manager focused on developing, shaping and nurturing projects as well as project managing efforts including Open Data for Tax Justice and the Global Open Data Index. Prior to joining Open Knowledge Foundation in 2016, he was an ICFJ Knight international journalism fellow with Code for Africa, working on data-driven projects across sub-Saharan Africa. He previously founded a civic technology company in Rwanda, was head of digital projects for the UK Parliament and worked as an executive producer for the Guardian's website.

Working on:

Communications and speech writing


Harare, Zimbabwe


Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Mysterious, Miraculous World of Blood, by Rose George


The Great Hack (Netflix)




Adrià Mercader

Technical Lead

Adrià has over a decade of experience working in the open data and civic tech fields. He is an enthusiast of the open Web, specially the communities built around open source projects and open standards. He is a member of the CKAN technical team and works across different projects at Open Knowledge Foundation. He has a degree in Biology and an MSc in Geographic Information Systems. His first serious program was written in Visual Basic 6 many moons ago, and he once wrote a SOAP interface that ingested GML, in PHP. He currently lives near the shores of the Mediterranean, in the beautiful city of Tarragona.

Working on:

Advanced Firefighting Techniques




Agustín Fernández Mallo - Trilogía de la guerra


Stranger Things





Evgeny Karev

Senior Developer

Evgeny was born in Moscow. He's got an engineering degree at Moscow State Technical University. Evgeny worked as an entrepreneur and a consultant on various projects in Russia. Now, he is a passionate open source developer living in Moscow and Dubrovnik. At Open Knowledge Foundation, Evgeny works mostly on Frictionless Data project as a tech lead of the Frictionless Data implementations.





Lilly Winfree

Product Manager, Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research

Lilly is the product manager for the Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research project. She has her PhD in neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University, where she researched brain injury in fruit flies and became an advocate for open science and open data. Lilly believes that the future of research is open, and is using Frictionless Data tooling within the researcher community to make science more reproducible.

Working on:

Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research




The Fifth Season, N. K. Jemisin



School of Data

Cédric Lombion

School of Data Programme Manager & Data Literacy Specialist

Cédric is based in Bordeaux, France, and joined Open Knowledge Foundation in 2015. He now coordinates several key School of Data activities such as the fellowship programme, the network projects and external communications.

Before joining the team Cédric worked as a project and community coordinator for Open Knowledge France, and is still active there as volunteer. While working there, he discovered School of Data and has dedicated his time to the project ever since, working with the community and facilitating data workshops. He studied public and political communication with a focus on open data and digital public services





Meg Foulkes

Operations Manager, School of Data

Meg's role involves helping to run key School of Data activities such as the annual summer camp and the fellowship. Prior to School of Data, Meg worked as a legal adviser to detained asylum seekers and has a particular interest in data literacy in the field of human rights.



Yan Naung Oak

Fellowship Coordinator, School of Data

Yan Naung Oak is a data visualisation designer, as well as an open data, data literacy, and civic tech advocate. He splits his time between Phandeeyar, an innovation hub in Yangon, to build up an open data community in Myanmar, and School of Data where he supports data literacy training for civil society organisations and journalists all over the world.






Michelle Heydon

Contracts Manager

Michelle has a background in administration for start-up companies and joined Open Knowledge Foundation in 2012 when growth was rapid and there was a need to ensure our core services where running smoothly. Having spent several years establishing the Finance, HR & Sysadmin functions, she focused on finance management.

In 2017 she handed this over and moved into Contracts Management. She is responsible for all the financial and compliance aspects of grant & commercial contracts.



Cassandra Woolford

Finance Manager

Cassandra is responsible for the delivery of the financial services. With over 20 years of experience in the finance / administration sector, she runs a tight ship. The various engagements that Open Knowledge Foundation undertakes keeps the pace moving and not one week is ever the same. From expenses to cash flow management Cassandra is able to fulfil her passion for numbers and spreadsheets.