Catherine Stihler is the Chief Executive Officer of the Open Knowledge Foundation. She reports to the Board of Directors which is responsible for the financial and legal probity of the Open Knowledge Foundation. 

Local groups, working groups and other activities such as Open Knowledge Labs are community-run, and supported by the Open Knowledge Foundation team.

We also have a distinguished Advisory Council who provide specialist expertise and guidance.

Board of Directors

The full list of board members is available online.

Advisory Council member role and responsibilities

Advisory council members provide guidance to the Open Knowledge Foundation as well as being consulted on key strategic issues.

The Advisory Council is an informal group who are consulted on various matters to do with Open Knowledge Foundation activities, strategy and operations, but hold no legal responsibility for the organisation. The Advisory Council exists to advise the Open Knowledge Foundation team as appropriate, and individual members may get involved with specific projects or challenges. The advice is available both on request and also by Advisory Council members proactively contacting team members with ideas, leads or opportunities. The Advisory Council is a group of advisors, rather than a group which aims to form consensus or decisions.

Articles of association