Case studies

For over a decade we have been drawing on experience in technology, training, policy, and research; pioneering openness in new areas.

Facilitating data validation and reuse

We worked with eLife to assess the quality of this published data and a way to identify issues to inform a strategy for improving data quality.
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Versatile visualisation of open budget data

We worked with IBP to build an interactive Data Explorer that allows users to visualise and interact with the data from current and previous surveys.
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Creating an open data publication toolkit

Details how anyone interested in publishing data can use the Frictionless Data software to improve the quality of their datasets.
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Celebrating open data with communities across the world

Open Data Day is an annual event organised by the open data community, which Open Knowledge Foundation helps support and catalyse.
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Building an open database of information on all clinical trials

We worked with the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine to build OpenTrials, an open database of information about the world’s clinical research trials.
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Frictionless publication and use of fiscal data

Anyone should be able access and analyse all fiscal data they are interested in easily. So Open Knowledge Foundation developed the Fiscal Data Package.
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Mapping the state of open government data across the globe

Launched in 2013, the Global Open Data Index was the first major assessment of the state of open government data in the world.
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Improving geolocation data for schools in Tanzania

A project to enhance and improve the accuracy of geolocation data currently available for Tanzania’s schools
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