The Open Knowledge Foundation has extensive experience in training individuals, teams and organisations all around the world. We believe that data literacy is an essential tool towards our vision of a fair, free and open future.

Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse, and argue with data. In the simplest sense, data is units of information, which could be numbers or text, bits or bytes stored in electronic memory or all sorts of images. Data only becomes knowledge, i.e. useful, when it is analysed in some way.  

Whether you’re an individual looking for a basic introduction, an organisation looking to enhance the impact of your work or a government department wanting to embed data work on a broad scale, we can deliver a targeted training to give you the skills you need.

Our trainings do not involve any coding, or require any coding knowledge or experience:

Introduction to Data Literacy 

If you’re new to data literacy, our team can deliver a one day training, onsite at your location, that will introduce the topic at your speed. Working in a combination of seminar and workshop styles, you will gain a sound basic understanding of open data and its analysis and have an insight to how this knowledge can be applied to your specific work. From librarians, to lawyers, to civil servants, we can uncomplicatedly show you how to enhance what you do with data skills.

Beginner+ Trainings

If you already have a basic grasp of data literacy and want to take things further, we offer trainings covering more advanced data literacy skills. With a focus on practically applying these skills directly to your work or activities, you will be able to start putting your new abilities into action straight away. To ensure your knowledge develops smoothly, we also offer a three to six month mentoring component, that allows you to touch base with an experienced trainer to help you on your way.

Thematic Trainings

If you’d like a deep dive into a particular topic area, we can help! For example, our AI for Public Lawyers course offers both a basic introduction to working with data and a targeted strategy for applying these skills to public law through Judicial Review challenges. 

To find out more about any of our trainings, contact us to speak to our expert team.

Examples of our work

Open Knowledge Justice Programme

Developing learning resources, training programmes and legal strategies to support legal professionals in the fight for algorithmic accountability