Digital Public Infrastructure for Electoral Processes

Digital Public Infrastructure for Electoral Processes

The Open Knowledge Foundation wants to create and enable an international alliance to advocate, design and implement building blocks for a Digital Public Infrastructure for Electoral Processes. The goal of the alliance is to create open by design technology that can be reused to make democratic processes more trustworthy, resilient, and transparent.

It is not about voting systems. It’s about how open source technology can support all of the stages of the electoral process. From managing the database of candidates and polling stations to the publication and archiving of results.

Democracy needs to be more participatory and only openness can create the foundations for processes where people can be integrated.

Building Blocks

Electoral Data Standards A data standard for governments to publish all their electoral data like districts, establishments, candidates, results, etc
API for publishing results Open Source web servers that can publish election results during the electoral processes.
Open Data Portals Open Data Portals for election related data. Results, candidates, fundings, expenses, polling stations, etc
Electoral Apps Open Source apps where people can access information related to the election. E.g: where to vote, who are the candidates, results in my polling station, etc
Happened on November 22nd
Round Table 4 [Francophone Africa] – Watch the recording Happened on November 22nd
Happened on November 15th
Round Table 3 [Anglophone Africa] – Watch the recording Happened on November 15th
Happened on November 8th
Round Table 2 [International] – Watch the recording Happened on November 8th
Happened on October 25th
Round Table 1 [Latin America] – Watch the recording Happened on October 25th

The first step in this initiative is to understand what is already available in the field of open elections. We are carrying out a collaborative mapping of local and global projects to gather critical mass and identify gaps, elements that can be reused and the most urgent needs.

Do you know of existing projects or professionals contributing to a digital public infrastructure for elections? Add them now to our Project Repository or Global Directory under the Open Elections category.

You can express your interest in being part of the coalition working on this project. Fill out the form below and stay tuned for our team to get in touch with more information about the next steps.

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