Apps for Europe

Apps for Europe is a support network that provides tools to transform ideas for data based apps into viable businesses. We bring a powerful European network of individuals and organisations who have been involved in open data programmes and in supporting promising ideas to help ideas to scale.


D-CENT (Decentralised Citizens ENgagement Technologies) creates digital tools for direct democracy and economic empowerment. It helps communities to share data, collaborate and organize their operations.


DM2E is an EC-funded project that is building the tools and communities to enable humanities researchers to work with manuscripts in the Linked Open Web.


Europeana Space (2014-2017) was a best practice network aimed at creating new opportunities for employment and economic growth within the creative industries sector, based on Europe’s rich digital cultural resources.


The FutureTDM project seeks to improve uptake of text and data mining (TDM) in the EU by actively engaging with stakeholders such as researchers, developers, publishers and SMEs

Global Open Data Index

The Global Open Data Index is a civil society collaborative effort to track the state of open government data around the world. The survey is designed to assess the openness of specific government datasets according to the Open Definition. Through this initiative we want to provide a civil society audit of how governments actually publish data with input and review from citizens and organisations

Global Open Data Initiative

The Global Open Data Initiative (GODI) is an initiative led by civil society organisations to share


The LinkedUp Project supports the exploitation of open and linked data available on the Web through a competition and evaluation framework. As part of the sustainability of the project we set up the Open Education Working Group to build a strong network of people interested in open data in education and related open education topics.

Local Open Data Census

The local Open Data Census helps civil society to monitor open data publication on a municipal and regional level in their countries


LOD2 aims to develop and improve core pieces of technology for working with linked open data, making some key components faster, better and easier to use.


Open Knowledge Foundation is a member of Open Data for Development (OD4D), a global network of leaders in the open data community, working together to develop open data solutions around the world. In addition to supporting the work we do on the Global Open Data Index and School of Data, through OD4D we provide direct support to CSO and journalists to be able use data and technology effectively.

Open Budgets EU

The OpenBudgets platform is designed for public administrations, citizens, NGOs, media organisations, public service companies, and stakeholders working with fiscal data. The key challenge is to provide a scalable platform that is easy-to-use, flexible, and attractive for all these different types of users.

Open Data and Privacy

A joint project between Open Knowledge Foundation and Open Rights Groups that explores the issues surrounding the problematic intersection of personal data, open data and privacy.

Open Data for Tax Justice

A global network of people and organisations using open data to improve advocacy, journalism and public policy around tax justice

Open Data Handbook

Guides, case studies and resources for government & civil society on the "what, why & how" of open data.