Open Knowledge in El Salvador

Open Knowledge in El Salvador

Today, there are no more active Salvadorian representatives on the Open Knowledge Network. Do you want to reactivate it? Here's how to join.


Iris Palma is a Salvadorian Economist and Master in Public Policies for the Social Development, Alumni Fellow of the Legislative Fellowship Program of the US Department of State/Sunlight Foundation. Fellow 2015 of OAS Open Government Fellowship.

Currently, she is Innovation and Technology Manager at USAID Project of Economic Competitiveness in El Salvador. She has been Executive Director of the Chamber of ICT in El Salvador, E-Government Liasion Officer at OAS in El Salvador. In addition, she has experience in open data and open government strategies in Latin American, and as a regional consultant in competitiveness and innovation in Central America. As a writer, she has written some papers about Open Data, e-Government, Open Government and ICT and Competitiveness, among others topics. She believes open knowledge is the foundation for a world where people can create and improve their social, economic and cultural opportunities through ICT and education. She is co-leading the first Open Data Portal in El Salvador ( as well as other tools for open knowledge, public services evaluation, apps repository, and entrepreneurship.

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