The Tech We Want to Open Governments
The Tech We Want to
Open Governments
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By Sara Petti
Event summary: "We need more spaces like this to come together and discuss pressing issues of today" By Sara Petti

We are witnessing a worrying trend towards increased secrecy and opacity around the world. From government agencies withholding information to businesses concealing their practices and enforcing secrecy, it seems that transparency and openness are under threat. 

One of the concerns is that technology, which was once seen as a powerful tool for transparency and accountability, is becoming less transparent itself. Are we witnessing a big backlash against the tools that we have been supporting and that we thought were effective in promoting transparency? With the emergence and prevalence of powerful algorithms and AI, there are concerns about their potential for bias, lack of transparency, disinformation spread, and the danger they could cause to our democracies.

It is essential today that we take some time to reflect on the current state of the open movement and transparency, and explore strategic ways to move forward. This is precisely what aims to achieve this official side event to the OGP Global Summit, organised by Open Knowledge FoundationOpen Knowledge Estonia and Open Knowledge Finland, with the sponsorship of Link Digital and the National Foundation of Civil Society (NFCS). By bringing together experts and practitioners from around the world, The Tech We Want to Open Governments will provide a platform for discussing the future of the open movement, with a focus on transparency and ways to strengthen it.




Registration & Breakfast


Ott Velsberg

Opening Remarks and Greetings

With Ott Velsberg, Government Chief Data Officer at Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications


Stefania Maurizi

Keynote Speech by Stefania Maurizi

Stefania Maurizi is an investigative journalist currently working for the major Italian daily Il Fatto Quotidiano. She is the only one who worked on all the WikiLeaks secret documents and has been engaged in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case and litigation since 2015 in the UK, US, Australia and Sweden to access the full documentation on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to factually reconstruct the case. Stefania has recently authored the award-winning book Secret Power: WikiLeaks and Its Enemies (Pluto Press, 2022).


Lucas Pretti

In conversation with Lucas Pretti

Lucas Pretti serves as Communications Lead at Open Knowledge Foundation. For the last 17 years, as a journalist, artist and researcher, he has been a free culture advocate and part of a wide range of commons-based initiatives fighting for power distribution and people's participation in decision-making. He is also a PhD candidate in the Autonomous University of Madrid in the topics of the aesthetics of the commons.



Panel: Openness as a Design Principle

The panel discussion will address current strategies to promote government transparency in the face of the new challenges brought by powerful algorithms, AI, disinformation, etc, in different countries and contexts. Topics to be addressed also include warfare's consequences for freedom of information, open data and government secrecy as a whole.



Natalia Carfi

Natalia Carfi, Executive Director at Open Data Charter and member of the OGP Steering Committee

Natalia has been working on open data and open government for over 10 years. She is former Open Government Director for the Undersecretary of Public Innovation and Open Government of Argentina where she coordinated the co-creation of the 3rd Open Government National Action Plan. She was also Open Government coordinator for the Digital Division of the Government of Chile and for the City of Buenos Aires. She is part of the Open Data Leaders Network and the Academic Committee of the International Open Data Conference.


Kateryna Borysenko

Kateryna Borysenko, Open Data / Civic Tech Manager at East Europe Foundation (EEF)

Kateryna has 16 years’ experience in IT-product management, civic-tech / open data projects, marketing and consulting, including 8 years in USAID Ukrainian projects. She’s the co-author of the biggest participatory budgeting platform in Ukraine (


Patricio Del Boca

Patricio Del Boca, Senior Developer at Open Knowledge Foundation and member of Open Data Córdoba

Patricio is an Information Systems Engineer and enthusiast of open data and civic technologies. He likes to build and collaborate with different communities to disseminate technical knowledge and participate as a speaker in events to spread the importance of civic technologies.He's also a member of Open Data Córdoba, an Argentinian NGO working in the open data, data journalism and civic technology space.


Mel Flanagan

Mel Flanagan, Founder and Design Director at Nook Studios

Mel is a global transparency and open government advocate. Nook designs revolutionary content, information services, and collaboration tools to bring complex data, legislation, and decision making processes to life in an engaging way for community audiences. Mel is on the Publish What You Pay Australia Steering Committee and supports zero waste social enterprises. She and the Nook crew are dedicated to helping transform how governments manage natural resources, design, make, and deliver services, programs and projects so that communities can get involved and access the information they need in easy to use formats.


Sara Petti

Moderated by Sara Petti

Sara leads the Open Knowledge Network. She has previously worked in EU policy research, advocacy, and communications. She has managed projects on digital education with schools and public libraries from all across Europe. Sara is an enthusiast of the open movement and strongly believes in removing barriers and opening knowledge as a means of empowering citizens and fostering democracy.



Brown Bag Lunch

Everybody grabs a brown bag and joins one of the thematic tables, where the table hosts will be talking about one project.



Tech Noon: The Tech We Want to Open Governments

Tech demonstrations, in a fair-like format, with stands by each project.

Confirmed stands:


Link Digital

A global open information technology company focused on helping clients make meaningful change with open data.


Open Knowledge Hub

Open Knowledge is the technology arm of institutions, organisations and communities, as we solve the technical, social and legal challenges of opening up data. This time we will be demonstrating our services focused on open government and outstanding projects from our Network spread across +40 countries.


Korruptsioonivaba Eesti (Transparency International Estonia)

A non-profit organisation with the aim to prevent corruption, raise awareness about corruption as well as promote transparency and democracy in the Estonian society.


Eesti Fotopärand

Ajapaik is a digital platform by the Estonian Photographic Heritage Society to crowdsource additional metadata about pictorial heritage.



A linked open data research infrastructure of Finnish parliamentary data based on some million speeches extracted from the minutes of the plenary sessions of the Parliament of Finland (PoF).



A language technology company using state-of-the-art AI capability to service customers in ever-thinkable text analytics verticals.


Wikimedia Suomi & Wikimedia Eesti

Local Wikimedia chapters in Finland and Estonia promoting Wikipedia, other Wikimedia Foundation services, and the creation and use of educational, scientific, cultural, and historical data under a free license.



Event Closing



Informal Cocktail

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