Open Knowledge in Switzerland

Open Knowledge in Switzerland

Switzerland has been active in the Open Knowledge Network since 2011, and is a registered Local Chapter under the name They carry out the Open Knowledge mission in Switzerland, with a particular focus on the specific situation in their country: what’s the interplay of transparency and direct democracy? What are the ways towards more open government data in an extremely decentralised system? And how can a tradition of amazing data quality in areas like maps or schedules be expanded and leveraged for progress and innovation that serves everybody? And what, in the end, is the “Swiss way" of fostering open knowledge?

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After working in foreign policy and political communications, he found his passion in technology-related advocacy and open innovation. At, he supports the public sector on its journey to become more open and advocates for a digital transformation that benefits the many not the few. Before taking over as Director, Florin managed's Prototype Fund.

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