Board Meeting Minutes, December 2009


Rufus Pollock (RP), Martin Keegan (MK), Jo Walsh (JW), Jordan Hatcher (JH), James Casbon (JC), Becky Hogge (BH), Jonathan Gray (JG).

Apologies sent by Ian Brown.

Approval of Minutes from last meeting

  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved.


  • The Board thanked MK for his excellent work on the Financial report. Cashflow issues and Accounts filing were discussed and all matters were resolved to the Board's satisfaction.

Work updates

  • The Board discussed handling funding and managing projects during what is a period of significant growth for OKFN. The need for OKFN to maintain its core values as it grows was highlighted. BH, MK and RP agreed to meet to work through budget projections, resource needs and other organisational issues and bring proposals to the Board list before the end of the year.
  • The Board discussed a proposal to bring a new organisation into the OKFN fold, which looks exciting but brings with it potential legal issues around libel law. JH agreed to seek legal advice and RP agreed to further investigate options for integration with representatives of project in question, but without committing OKFN to anything formally until further discussion at Board level.
  • The Board discussed and approved four interim principles for engaging OKFN in consultancy work. The Board discussed and approved a document intended to be presented to the community to solicit help in informing the consultancy guidelines progress.

Next Board meeting

  • The next Board meeting will be on January 19 2010