Board Meeting Minutes, December 2011

Attending: Martin Keegan, Rufus Pollock, Jordan Hatcher, Becky Hogge (chairing), James Casbon (via phone), Ben Laurie (via phone, left after Introductions item).

Observing: Laura James, Jason Kitcat (via phone).

Introductions. Laura James the new Foundation Coordinator was introduced.

Approval of minutes from last meeting: The minutes were approved.

Review of action points: Action points were reviewed and ongoing actions noted. It was noted that the accounts for 2010-11 will not be audited.

Approval of all redacted minutes: The redacted minutes for the previous meeting were not available for review.

Report on finances: The financial report was discussed and all matters resolved to the Board’s satisfaction. An enhanced set of management accounts with narrative to be provided for the next board meeting.

Report on project and personnel issues: The incoming Foundation Coordinator to take reporting to the board as a top priority.

Administrative details of the Omidyar Network funding and prospective Knight funding were discussed.

Request for funds from OKF-DE. The request was discussed and it was determined that further information was needed for a decision to be made.

Memorandum of Understanding for Brasil local group. The request for an MOU was discussed and authority delegated to the Foundation Coordinator to sign in this case.

Legal advice. Jordan Hatcher was thanked for all his work to date.

Next board meeting: The next Board meeting will be on 20 March 2012