Board Meeting Minutes, February 2010

Present: Becky Hogge (BH), James Casbon (JC), Jordan Hatcher (JH), Rufus Pollock (RP), Jo Walsh (JW), Martin Keegan (MK)

  • Approval of minutes from last meeting: The minutes were approved. RP is still working on publishing the board minutes.
  • Financial Review:
    • It was decided to defer approval of the Company Accounts to a later date, as not all Board members had had the opportunity to review the accounts. Approval would be given on list.
    • The Board reviewed the management accounts. The Board asked MK to produce better cashflow reports
  • Separate board and coord list: The Board discussed creating separate Board and Coordination lists, to allow more participation in the coordination of OKF, to allow such discussions to take place in public, and to reduce the amount of traffic to the Board list. The Board asked RP to make a formal proposal to the Board list.
  • Review of 4IP contract: The Board discussed ongoing negotiations between RP on behalf of OKF and 4IP with regards to the Where Does My Money Go? project. The Board asked JH to review schedule 2 of the contract, and gave their mandate to RP to continue negotiating.
  • Project updates The Board received updates on the progress of projects including CKAN, Where Does My Money Go and Bibliographica (where there is interest from IDEALab at the Univ of Edinburgh)
  • keeping support in form of a dedicated person, and some online tool, for management.