Board Meeting Minutes, January 2017

A meeting of the Open Knowledge International (OKI) Board was held in London and virtually via GoToMeeting on 11th January, 2017.

Present: Karin Christiansen (KC) - Chair, Tim Hubbard (TH), Jane Silber (JS) and Helen Turvey (HT) via Gotomeeting

Observing: Pavel Richter (PR), Mark Gibbs (MG), Paul Walsh (PW), Andrew Clarke (AC) and Franka Vaughan (FV) for minutes

1.   Review of minutes & actions of last meeting [Chair]

The Minutes of 9th November, 2016 was approved in principle, with an action for the Board to review in detail and sign off later. 

Actions from previous meeting

  • [MG] to provide a one pager glossary of the terminologies as well as the clarifications/categories used in the Accounts.
  • [MG] to submit a revised version of the Year End Accounts to the Board for review & comments.
  • [PR] to provide an updated version of the Logic Models and Metrics doc to the Board
  • [PR] to use the Logic Models & Metrics as a template and report against it to the Board.
  • [PR] to share with Board the narrative around OKI Strategy and the Metric model when it’s ready.
  • [PW] to send to [KC] a doc outlining the changes in GODI - done

Actions carried over

  • [PR] Send to Board and OKI leadership team argument regarding the publication of Minutes - not done
  • [MG] Send TH OKI’s current organogram - in progress
  • [MG] Provide an explanation doc for the codes & acronyms used in the budget - in progress

2.   CEO Update

PR issued an update on a leadership team led project (Project Toyota) with the aim of improving OKI work culture. 

  • TH: fixing the culture of delivery [indicated by Pavel as one of the main issues] might automatically solve some of the other issues. Communication of the project to staff will require some attention.
  • PR: The project at the beginning will not use a participatory process,
  • HT: It might be useful to have a yearly review which bring together all staff members; might help to understand what frustrate staff members. Consider speaking to external people who might be able to give some insights. Eg. is Penny Handscomb of Omidyar Network.
  • KC: get advice on whether participatory or other process might be best in handling the project. Also, in the spirit of improving the work culture of, the wording around the project needs to reflect the positive values the leadership team want to see.

3.   COO Update including Financial Update

MG presented an update on his findings/actions to date:

  • A senior Project Manager [Christopher Hovey from Accenture] has been hired to take over OpenTrials and to lead the Project Management Office.
  • We have a holding response from the Charities Commission; there is a planned meeting with the Commission which will involve KC, TH, PR and MG.
  • The new Employee Handbook is ready for sign off.
  • We are currently holding sizeable US dollars due to grants [Omidyar Network] being paid
  • Pensions has been rolled out with Royal London, one staff member chose not to participate.
  • Cassandra Woolford has been boarded as an employee in Portugal and has now taken over Finance from Michelle Heydon. There is a transition period of 3 months between the two.
  • Delay on final accounts for sign off due to Buzzacott auditor being ill after the last board meeting.
  • OKI has split from Public Domain Review (PDR); as such we are longer accepting work from PDR.
  • Finance Reporting. The current financial year will begin from January 1st to December 31st.

4.   Tech Department

PW presented an update on Technical Delivery and OKI Projects.

  • KC: There is the need to sort out the issue around what is commercial and what is not regarding OK projects.
  • HT: In addition to the details provided on the various projects, it will be helpful to provide details of how much OKI is spending on each project or an indication of how much money is left on each project.
  • ACTION: PR to connect Katelyn to HT so she can introduce her to some of the core partners of ScoDa. 

5.   Viderum Updates

SM presented an update on Viderum activities to date.

  • ACTION: SM to prepare a proposal outlining the criteria for projects that Viderum will accept as currently it’s not clear whether we reject request from commercial orgs etc.
  • TH: The Board must be informed if OKI might be affected by any risks taken on by Viderum

6.   Actions Arising

  • [PR] to connect Katelyn to HT so she can introduce her to some of the core partners of ScoDa.
  • [SM] to prepare a proposal outlining the criteria for projects that Viderum will accept