Board Meeting Minutes, July 2014

A meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation board was held at the offices of Canonical, 5th floor, Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU  at 6:30pm on Wednesday 9th July 2014.

  1. introductions and apologies

In attendance: Laura James (observer), Rufus Pollock (observer), Jane Silber, Helen Turvey, Paula Le Dieu, James Casbon, Tom Cobbold

Apologies: Martin Tisne, Karin Christiansen, Chris Marshall

  1. review of minutes from last meeting for publication

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

  1. review of actions from last meeting

The actions were reviewed.

  1. report from finance sub-committee

Laura reported the outputs from the finance subcommittee’s meeting the previous week.  

The management accounts were accepted.  Various improvements to financial processes, including currency handling and enhanced forecasting were noted.

  1. discussion of matters arising from management report

The report from the executive was discussed, including progress on the potential renewal of grant funding from the Omidyar Network, the state of finances, and personnel matters. Options for commercial CKAN strategy were discussed based on a paper from Rufus.

  1. discussion of Evaluation report

The Evaluation report from Morris Lipson on behalf of the Omidyar Network was discussed, including actions arising from the report and options for sharing the report more widely.

  1. discussion of organisational development proposals and brief

Plans for organisational development and potential resourcing for this were discussed.

  1. AOB