Board Meeting Minutes, July 2019

A meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Board was held in London and virtually via GoToMeeting on Wednesday 17th July 2019 from 17:30 - 18:40

Board members present: Vanessa Barnett (VEB) (Chair)  Helen Turvey (HT) (Vice Chair), Tim Hubbard (TH), Rufus Pollock (RP), Vicky Brock (VAB), Karin Christiansen (KC)

Board members who dialled in: N/A

Observers: Catherine Stihler (CEO) (CS), Cassandra Woolford (FM) (CW)

Apologies: Jarmo Eskelinen (JE), Johnny West (JW), Ira Bolychevsky (IB)

Welcome & review of minutes & actions [Chair]

VEB (Chair) opened the board meeting with a big thank you to KC on behalf of Open Knowledge and Board members not present, for her role as Chair and ED. KC officially stepped down from the Open Knowledge Board after 6 years. Other Board members inputted their acknowledgement of the generosity of KC’s input to the organisation. RP gave a long speech of thanks from the point of view of the founder of Open Knowledge Foundation.

Historical minutes were approved.

Finance meeting agreed for the Monday prior to the Board meeting for those who wish to attend. 

Resolution for Articles of Association was approved and signed by board members.

Terms of Reference - annual review. Agreed in principal, some technical wording to be updated. 

The change to quarterly board meetings from bi-monthly meetings was approved. 

CEO Update [CS]

CS’s report was provided with the board pack, with updates provided on the Strategy and Communications. Catherine also provided information regarding speeches and events.

Finance Update [CW]

CW reported on up to date financials for Q2. 

Financials are in line with forecasts and expectations.

Risk Register [CS]

CS delivered new format, condensing the ‘worries and concerns’ from the old spreadsheet into a list of actual risks and their impact. Approval of new format agreed by the board. No new risks have been identified and the risk status of listed items are being monitored and actioned.

Datopian [VAB]

Nothing at Board Level to report. 

RP provided a general update, stating they have a new Strategy, they have doubled their workforce in the last quarter and continue to see profits each quarter.


The Board requested CS sets out targets and deliverables to be discussed with line manager on a regular basis.

The next board meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th October 2019 at 18.30 at the ODI.