Board Meeting Minutes, June 2009

Present: James Casbon (JC), Jonathan Gray (JG), Jordan Hatcher (JH), Becky Hogge (BH), Martin Keegan (MK), Paula Le Dieu (PL), Rufus Pollock (RP), Jo Walsh (JW)

Approval of minutes from last meeting: the minutes were approved

Actions from last meeting:

New Board Members: The Board discussed approaches to Board membership and Board renewal, as well as the optimum size for the Board. A discussion of how the Board should collectively make decisions on various classes of issue also took place. The Board asked Martin to draft guidelines on renewing Board membership. The Board resolved to continue discussion of Board governance on list.

Legal housekeeping: JH reported to the Board on various completed actions an next steps, including registering with the ICO, contractor contracts, privacy policies, IP policies, hosting documents, legal implications of "foundation" in name, VAT registration and trademark issues. The board expressed their thanks to JH for his excellent and thorough work in this area.

  • The Board asked PlD to review a funding application to 4IP
  • The Board asked JG + JC + RP to review trac + volunteers, etc. on public discuss list and asked BH to solicit pro bono design work.
  • The Board asked MK to set up a working group for OKCon 2010.

Membership and formal structure: The Board discussed methods to recognise members of the OKF network and agreed to take this discussion onto the public list.

Opening up board meetings: The Board agreed to publish summaries of board meetings.

Business Plan: The Board thanked BH for her work on the business plan. The board resolved that before a business plan was put in place, a clear vision for the organisation needed to be agreed upon. The Board asked PlD to begin the work of drafting such a vision.

Fund Raising: BH, RP, JG, PL agreed to start a funding subcommittee

Supporters Drive: The Board discussed the supporter drive and agreed to push back the fundraising target date to January 2010.

Next board meeting: The next board meeting is on 21 July.