Board Meeting Minutes, March 2012

A meeting of the Board of the Open Knowledge Foundation Limited was held at the BFI Offices in London on 20th March 2012.

Attending: Paula le Dieu, James Casbon, Becky Hogge (Chair), Rufus Pollock, Jordan Hatcher, Martin Keegan

Observing: Marcus Dapp, Laura James

Apologies were received from: Stephen King, Ben Laurie


1. Introductions and apologies

Introduction of Marcus Dapp, new Foundation Coordinator (via phone), as observer to board meeting

2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

The Minutes were approved.

3. Review of actions from last meeting

The actions were reviewed.

Board thanked Laura James for the excellent work in producing material and taking forward actions from last meeting.

4. Review of management accounts

The balance sheet, profit and loss, forecast and cash position were reviewed.

5. Discussion of staffing issues raised in Foundation Coordinator Report

  • Issues around the level of management resource were discussed.
  • The Board resolved that the Foundation Coordinators be authorised to determine and document OKFN policies around billed time, varied day rates for projects, expenses, and travel, and to enforce such policies in practice.
  • The Board resolved that Naomi Lillie be authorised for online and phone banking and to make payments to the same level as Laura James.
  • The Board resolved to set up a Renumeration Subcommittee to address management/executive team pay. This subcommittee to be initially comprised of Martin Keegan, Paula le Dieu, and Jordan Hatcher.
  • The Board asked the management/executive team to propose one or more frameworks for management pay to the Renumeration subcommittee.
  • The Board resolved that the Foundation Coordinators should create clear role descriptions for all paid contractors (other than the executive/management team) and review pay rates across the board before the end of 2012, including an interim step of submitting a pay framework proposal to the board for approval

6. Discussion of strategic issues raised in FC report

This discussion was postponed.

7. Discussion of corporation tax situation and review of draft annual accounts

The draft accounts were reviewed. Laura James was asked to discuss the accounts further with the accountants.

8. Discussion of business risks raised in FC report

This discussion was postponed.

9. Brief update on selection of new legal advisor

Francis Davey has been selected.

10. update (in response to Will Waites email)

The situation around was discussed.

11. Change of signatories on bank account

It was noted that Jordan Hatcher would like to be removed from the bank account.

12. AOB

There was no other business.

13. Close

The meeting was closed.