Board Meeting Minutes, March 2014

A meeting of the board of directors of the Open Knowledge Foundation was held at Mozilla, 3rd Floor, 101 St Martin’s Lane, Covent Garden, London and online in a Google Hangout, 18:30 - 20:30, Wednesday March 12th 2014

Introductions and apologies

Attended in person: Tom Cobbold, Karin Christiansen, James Casbon, Paula Ledieu

Attended online: Chris Marshall, Helen Turvey, Jane Silber

Observing, in person: Rufus Pollock, Laura James

Apologies: none

Review of minutes and actions

The minutes from the January meeting for publication were sent to the list for approval. The final November minutes were approved.

Review of management accounts

The latest set of management accounts were reviewed and discussed including of the question of managing FX payables and receivables.

Update about Evaluation

Karin Christiansen provided an update on the Evaluation. Board members shared their thoughts on the process.

Discussion of risk register

Laura James presented the latest revision of the risk register.

Agreed to create a “Funding Subgroup” of the Board.

Discussion of change of Year End from May 31 to June 30

Board were happy with any decision taken by the Management Team

Rufus Pollock introduced some early-stage thinking around options here.


Ben Laurie

Ben has indicated that he wishes to resign from the Board. The Board expressed thanks to Ben for his multiple years of service.

Board composition

It was agreed that board composition should be discussed every other board meeting. Support was expressed for getting a representative of the Open Knowledge community on the board.

Tom Cobbold introduced some of the results of his initial investigation of the various options for the legal entity structure of the organisation going forward.