Board Meeting Minutes, May 2013

A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Open Knowledge Foundation was held at 6:30pm GMT on 14th May 2013 at Mozilla, 3rd Floor, 101 St Martin's Lane, Covent Garden, London and online in a Google Hangout

In attendance:

In person: Rufus Pollock, Karin Christiansen, Paula le Dieu, James Casbon, Martin Keegan (from part way through the management accounts item),

Observing in person: Laura James, Martin Tisne

Attending remotely: Ben Laurie

Apologies: Jane Silber

In attendance from the auditors, Buzzacott: Vikram Sandhu (for introductions and management accounts items only)

Introduction and apologies

Karin Christiansen was introduced and welcomed. Karin was then appointed as interim board chair for the next 3 months.

The board thanked Rufus Pollock for many years of service as board chair. Becky Hogge’s contribution to the board over the years was also recognised and thanks were sent remotely, following her recent resignation from the board.

Review of management accounts

Vikram Sandhu from Buzzacott was present for this item. Buzzacott were introduced as the new auditors.

Management accounts including balance sheet and profit and loss were presented, and the audited annual accounts to May 2012 were discussed. It was noted that the accounts to May 2011 had not been audited.

Preparation for the upcoming year end, and enhanced budgeting and forecasting was discussed.

Review of minutes and actions from last meeting

The minutes and actions were reviewed.

Strategic development

Laura James and Rufus Pollock introduced a deck and update about strategy development. The direction of the strategy was approved and the leadership team will continue to refine the strategy.

Potential partnership opportunity

An update on this opportunity was presented and discussed. It was agreed that the leadership team could proceed with discussions with the other party.

Operating plan and organisational metrics

An update on the operating plan was presented. Potential future metrics, and the ways in which they should be set, were discussed.


  • Dates for OKCon 2013 were confirmed
  • The search for additional board members was discussed
  • It was noted that the registered office address is likely to be updated in May
  • The board approved a motion to secure trademarks on the full set of proposed terms which had been circulated in email.