Board Meeting Minutes, May 2019

A meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) Board was held in London and virtually via GoToMeeting on Wednesday 15th May 2019  from 18:30 - 21:20

Board members present: Tim Hubbard (TH)(Chair), Rufus Pollock (RP), Vanessa Barnett (VEB)  

Board members who dialled in: Vicky Brock (VAB), Karin Christiansen (KC), Ira Bolychevsky (IB)

Observers: Catherine Stihler (CEO) (CS), Cassandra Woolford (FM) (CW)

Apologies: Jarmo Eskelinen (JE), Johnny West (JW), Helen Turvey (HT)

Welcome & review of minutes & actions [Chair]

Retrospective Minutes: Some typos to be corrected - to be completed by the end of May.

Board Away Day: Scheduled for 17th July 2019 to be held at the ODI

Updated Risk Registry: In progress, to be reported on at the next Board meeting in July.

CEO Update - Strategy [CS]

CS presented an outline strategy for the future of Open Knowledge Foundation.

The rebranding to Open Knowledge Foundation is to be published on the 15th Anniversary on the 20th May 2019. The strapline is:  For a fair, free and open future.

The strategy is aligned to OKF mission and vision.

OKF will change direction in order to become sustainable.

In relation to the change in direction, the plan is for Open Knowledge to be focusing on: Fundraising / Membership, Services and Advocacy / Comms

The three main areas of focus proposed are: Health (access to medicine), Education (copyright, Open access) and work

A timeline was proposed for the next 3 years.

CEO Report - [CS]

CS provided updates on the Team Summit, 15th Anniversary, the Focus Group, GDPR, Board away day and Board Handbook.

Finance Update [CW]

Quarterly Accounts were approved by the board.

December Year End Accounts for 2018 were signed by TH and CS

Opportunity Development [CEO]

CS reported on the current projects and the pipeline. CS due to meet various contacts whilst in the US. CS requested the board send any relevant contacts for followup.


CS to send request for nominations for new Chair and Vice Chair.

The board agreed that the handbook should be reviewed prior to the away day.

CS circulate a survey for Board Members in advance of the away day.

The next board meeting will take place on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at 18.30 at the ODI.