Board Meeting Minutes, November 2009


James Casbon (chair), Martin Keegan, Rufus Pollock, Jo Walsh, Becky Hogge.

Apologies sent by Paula Ledieu and Jordan Hatcher.

Approval of minutes from last meeting

  • The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Actions arising from previous meeting

  • The Board give RP approval to take discussion of proposed “network member” structure to OKFN-discuss.
  • All other actions were accounted for or closed.


  • MK presented the Board with the OKFN accounts. The Board thanked MK, requested a simpler summary, and asked to see the monthly financial reports in advance of meetings.

Supporter Campaign

  • The Board discussed approaches for the supporter campaign. RP will draft a plan for supporter campaign with support from JW and BH.

Consultancy Guidelines

  • The Board were presented with BH’s work on consultancy guidelines. BH raised issue of spinning out for-profit company with Mems and Arts to give all net profit to OKFN. MK and JC spoke against this proposal, citing organisational overhead.
  • The question of NDAs was raised. The Board resolved that OKFN do not sign NDAs on principle.

Work updates

  • RP provided summary of ongoing OKFN work. The Board congratulated RP on progress, and thanked RP, MK, JG and JC for quick and effective response to ISP problems this month.

Next Board Meeting

  • The next Board meeting is on 15 December.