Board Meeting Minutes, November 2013

A meeting of the board of directors of the Open Knowledge Foundation was held at the Omidyar Offices, London on Tuesday 12th November 2013.

Introductions and apologies

  • Board (in person): Karin Christiansen, Tom Cobbold, Chris Marshall, Jane Silber
  • Board observer: Martin Tisné
  • Management team: Laura James, Rufus Pollock (observing)


  • James Casbon, Paula Le Dieu, Helen Turvey, Ben Laurie

Review of Minutes and Actions

The minutes were approved with some minor wording changes.

Recap of Strategy

The current strategy was briefly reviewed with the board as context for subsequent discussion in the meeting

Review and discussion of new 18 month plan and 6m priorities

The draft 18 month plan 6m priorities for Open Knowledge Foundation “Central” were presented. Board feedback was positive.

Consideration of appointment of Finance Advisory Group

There was discussion of the appointment of a subgroup of the board to advise and review finance matters - the “Finance Advisory Group”. It was agreed to form such as group consisting of: Laura James, Chris Marshall, Tom Cobbold. It was agreed that the Group should meet before next board meeting.

Review and discussion of management accounts

The management accounts were reviewed and discussed including matters arising around VAT and EC projects. There was an update on finalization of 2012-2013 accounts for submission to Companies House and HMRC.

Discussion of employment plan

Board was provided with an update on employment plan. We are accelerating activity though we are mindful of the complexity of employment employment outside of UK and the need for proper evaluation before making any firm decisions.

Discussion re charitable status

There was a brief discussion of ongoing question of Charitable status. It was agreed that the Finance group plus Helen and Karin and Martin would discuss with the aim onf preparing a paper.

Martin Tisne left the meeting due to a prior engagement


There were 2 AOB items: Rufus Pollock reported that he has been selected as an Ashoka Fellow. The Board indicated they had no objections to Rufus Pollock joining the Open Healthcare UK board.