Board Meeting Minutes, November 2014

Present: Karin Christiansen, Tom Cobbold, Helen Turvey, Paula LeDieu, Jane Silber

Observing: Laura James, Rufus Pollock

Apologies: Martin Tisne, James Casbon

Review of Minutes of Last Meeting [Chair]

Minutes were reviewed and agreed.

Review of Actions [Chair]


Update on organisational situation and organisational development plan

The Board discussed current situation and organizational development plan

Review of Finances

An update on the finances was provided by Laura James.

Work on the year-end audit is starting in November with aim to complete by the end of the month. Managements accounts are not yet fully up to date but are progressing.

Interim General Manager

The proposed appointee for Interim General Manager was appointed unanimously (with Karin Christiansen abstaining due to her prior connection with the candidate).

ED Search Update

An update on the executive search was provided by Karin and Jane.

The timeline for the overall process was discussed and Rufus Pollock took an action to write this up and share publicly.

CKAN Commercial plans

Rufus talked to the slide deck provided.  The strategy for CKAN Commercial has been discussed for a long time (over 18m). It was noted that there is still an open question about the strategy for this area of our work.

The Board were notified of the planned 3 month sabbatical by Irina Bolychevsky (current head of Commercial team) running from 4th December 2014.  

Board membership and finance group membership

There was a brief discussion about if and when the Board should start the process for finding and appointing New Board Members. It was agreed this was not an immediate priority.


There was no other business