We have extensive experience and expertise related to legal, technological and community aspects of open data and have provided consultancy, research, community management and technology solutions for a wide range of international clients. 

A solid track record puts us at the forefront in developing core data infrastructure tools and formulating and tracking global principles and best practices of open data, as well as building communities that use open data to address societal challenges.

We can talk through and develop appropriate solutions for getting the most out of your data - here are some of the services at the heart of what we do:

software, and support

We can build and help you work with tools to achieve a range of objectives, from removing pain points from a workflow, to increasing impact, to presenting findings in an engaging way.


We help people solve the technical, social and legal challenges of opening up data. We can work with you to understand your needs and opportunities for open data, develop open data strategies, and establish best practices.

Examples of our work

For over a decade, we have pioneered openness in new areas using technology. Find out more about our work below:

Versatile visualisation of open budget data

We worked with the International Budget Partnership to build an interactive Data Explorer that allows users to visualise and interact with the data from current and previous surveys.