Open Knowledge in Nepal

Open Knowledge in Nepal

“Liberating Knowledge for Opportunity”

Open Knowledge Nepal is a non-profit civic tech organization comprised of openness aficionados. We believe that openness of data is powerful in order to have a participatory government with civil society, eventually leading to sustainable development. The organization has been involved in research, advocacy, training, workshops and developing tools related to open knowledge. We also provide data services and solutions to various agencies and specialized in solving data related problems through consultation and tools development. We want to make sure that everyone in Nepal has free and open access to the key information, empowering themselves to be able to make decisions about their own lives based on the information that wasn’t available before.

Open Knowledge Nepal has been a local chapter of the Open Knowledge Network since February 2013.

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Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz Khanal

Kshitiz Khanal is the Chairperson of Open Knowledge Nepal. He has an academic background in mechanical engineering and sustainable energy planning. He is currently involved in research about using Open Data to achieve Sustainable Development Goals and also practices as a mechanical design consultant. He believes in solving pressing problems through open and interdisciplinary innovation. His major areas of interest in Open Knowledge include open data, open science hardware, and open education.

Kshitiz can also be reached on LinkedIn.

Nikesh is a civic entrepreneur, open data advocate and tech researcher. He is the co-founder and CEO of Open Knowledge Nepal – a non-profit civic tech organization comprised of openness aficionados. He is a strong supporter of open source software and believes in the vision of Open Knowledge to empower citizens regarding technology usage and open data. He loves coffee chat, tweeting, hackathons, blogging, traveling and open data. Nikesh is a Shuttleworth Flash Grantee 2016 and U.S. Embassy Youth Council member 2017/18.

In parallel with his activities at Open Knowledge Nepal, he is also engaged with Artificial Intelligence for Development as a founding member and Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Nepal community as an executive member. Previously, Nikesh also worked with Code for Nepal as a program coordinator. In his daily work schedule, he coordinates diverse projects related to tech & data, writes research & report, scrapes & harvest government data and sometimes codes. He has a long experience of working with private, nonprofit and government organizations.

Nikesh can also be reached on LinkedIn.

Prakash Neupane is the strategic leader of the organization. His role is to make plans, buildup strategy and implement, evaluate and adjust them as per the requirement. He started his journey of open knowledge by taking the role of Ambassador at an early stage. The team will be able to fulfill the core objectives with his visionary guidelines.

Prakash can also be reached on Linkedin.

Sagar Ghimire

Sagar Ghimire

Sagar Ghimire is Chief Technical Officer at Open Knowledge Nepal. He is an IT professional and an open source enthusiast with an extensive experience in web development and passionate about using web technology and open data to make a better future for everyone. He has been working as a freelance web developer. Likewise, he is also a strong supporter of knowledge sharing and social entrepreneurship. To ensure to attain all the academic knowledge, he has completed diploma and currently an active student of B.E computer engineering.

Sagar can also be reached on Linkedin.

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