Board Meeting Minutes, November 2015

A meeting of the Open Knowledge Board was held in London and virtually via Hangout on 11th November 2015.


Present: Jane Silber, Tim Hubbard, Helen Turvey (part)

Observing: Pavel Richter, Sebastian Moleski, Naomi Lillie, Michelle Heydon (part)

Apologies: Karin Christiansen, Paula Le Dieu, Martin Tisné


Jane Silber acted as Chair in Karin Christiansen’s absence. It was agreed to move agenda item Charitable Incorporation to email discussion by the full Board, and to postpone agenda item CEO Performance Targets and Assessment until Karin Christiansen is present to lead.


Review of minutes & actions of last meeting [Chair]


The Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and approved.


Notes on agenda items

Financial Accounts


  • AGREED: the Audited Financial Accounts for year ending May 2015, following Corporation Tax review, were approved for submission to Companies House

  • Quarterly accounts (ending September) were reviewed and discussed

  • Declaration of Interest statements have been requested by the Auditors

  • Discussion regarding Signing Authority was deferred until the implementation of a new budget process

  • CEO presented a recommendation for the investment of unrestricted funds for feedback and input. This was reviewed and discussed and a proposal will be shared at or by the next Board meeting


Update on Commercial CKAN Spin-Out


  • Sebastian Moleski was introduced and presented an update, including that legal entities have been set up in Delaware, USA and in the UK, named “Viderum”

  • Staff transition will be phased: CKAN development will be exclusively undertaken by Viderum, there will be ongoing technical work at Open Knowledge International, and staff members will choose where their interests most closely align


Revised Organisational Structure


  • CEO presented the revised organisational structure, including new hires and new positions, and the Board gave feedback


International Employment


  • The topic of International Employment was discussed


CEO Update


  • he CEO shared an update




  • AGREED: the role of Company Secretary will  transfer from Rufus Pollock to Pavel Richter

  • Next meeting: Wednesday 13th January