The following documentation describes the guidelines for the global Open Knowledge Network. Since the Network is constantly evolving, so will this documentation. In addition, we do not expect to uncover  every solution for challenges the Network in any version of this documentation. Therefore, we will remain flexible and pragmatic, and we welcome feedback from any part of the Network on this structure at any time. We commit to adapting according to the needs and wants of the Network going forward.

The Open Knowledge Network is a global network of nationally based independent ambassadors, local groups (including formally affiliated Open Knowledge chapters), affiliated organizations, and communities. An updated list of these groups is on the Open Knowledge Network page. The Network is comprised of people who organise to deepen their knowledge, experience and professional networks in the open knowledge movement, take local action to achieve local impact, and collaborates with like-minded communities around the world.

Network structure

  • Open Knowledge International
  • Local Organisers/Incubating Local Groups
  • Ambassadors/Established Local Groups
  • Affiliated Groups
  • Chapters
  • Labs
  • Working Groups

Support and responsibilities

How to join