You can join the Network immediately and start contributing to an existing group. Once a local organizer gets established , Incubating Local Groups can progress to established group status and later, an official Open Knowledge Chapter.

Joining at a local level: Incubating Local Group

- If there is a Local Group in your country get in touch with them and ask how you can help or suggest how you feel you could help. Generally, we prefer to have to a single  group in a country  to help keep our efforts aligned. In larger countries and/or in regions where geography or governmental structures demand it, we may choose to organize networks of more locally focused groups. We work this out on a case by case basis with local leadership. Open Knowledge Local Groups are all about inclusivity, so we're eager to hear from you!

- If there is *no*  group in your country, you can become a Local Organiser today and start building a community in your area and grow your own Local Group.

1. Fill the Local Organiser form with your name, country and Community Profile on the forum to become a Local Organiser in your country.

2. The Open Knowledge Network team will greet you and officially acknowledge your new role and team you up with other Local Organisers in your country as they come on board.

3. By using the title of Open Knowledge Local Organiser, you must agree  to follow the Local Organiser Code of Conduct.

Once you are an active Local Organizer you are considered to have an ‘incubating’ Local Group within the Open Knowledge Network.

Click here to apply to become a Local Group.

Joining at a local level: Affiliated group 

You can also join the network if already have an established civil society organisation in your country. You can keep your name and still be affiliated with us and get our full support. Affiliates are an important part of the network. We support and collaborate with affiliates in the same way we do we our own local groups. Affiliates can decide, if they wish, to have an official OK ambassador if the wish.

By using the title of Open Knowledge Affiliated Group, you must agree  to follow the Affiliated Group Code of Conduct​.

All you to do is Click here to become an Affiliated Group and our team will contact you ASAP. 

Ambassador status: From incubating  to established Local Group

1. When your group has been active for at least 9 months, you can apply to become an Ambassador and an established Local Group. In order to apply, you should make sure that all of your quarterly report blog posts have been published and submitted to the OKI network team. These will help us to assess your group status.

2. Your application will be assessed by the OKI network team.

3. Successful applicants will be granted Ambassador status and will sign a Code of Conduct with OKI becoming an official Local Group in the Open Knowledge Network.

4. If the OKI team thinks the applicant is not ready to become an Ambassador and lead an established group, detailed feedback will be given on how to improve their current efforts and how the OKI team can assist them with it.

The network team will contact you when it's time to move to an ambassador status. If you have questions about this, please email

Moving to Chapter status

Local Groups that have been active for a year or more in the Global Network can apply to become an official Chapter of Open Knowledge. At minimum, a Chapter has an appropriate non profit legal entity status for their country and a functioning board, otherwise they vary in scale, organisational structure, and scope of activity.

The instructions and guidelines for becoming an official Chapter of Open Knowledge can be found here: Chapter guidelines.